Toyota Land cruiser FJ40

Rough and tough, classic and cool – the FJ40 holds a special part of every auto enthusiast’s heart across the world.  By so many standards the FJ40 is the definitive 20th century 4×4. Rugged simplicity, swagger and a pleasure to drive.  Tough enough to handle the harshest conditions the world has to offer.   A true classic.

In production from 1960 – 1984 and all up to 2001 in Brazil , the FJ40 was the best selling model in the United States between 1961 and 1965.  By 1965 global production had reached 50 000 units.  By 1973, 300 000 models were in circulation either as hardtop, soft top, station wagon or pickup.  It is a classic off roader with a twist.  The Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 has been going anywhere and doing almost anything since 1952, and has driven further up Mount Fuji than any other vehicle to prove that point.  What does FJ40 stand for?  F-Type Engine Jeep 40 series and the 40 is the chassis code.  The FJ40 is excellent at rock crawling and mud-slinging off-road.  The FJ40 was and is the top choice for work in forests, deserts, farms and mountains across the world.

Since 1995, a large community of Land Cruiser enthusiasts have committed to preserve the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40.  Perfect for anyone who wants adventure and see the road less travelled.

Toyota Land cruiser FJ40 Specifications:

  • Model: Fj40
  • Years available: 1960 -1983
  • 2 Door Jeep Style
  • four seat capacity
  • Front Engine 4 x 4 Drive train
  • Inline 6 cylinder / 3.9 Litre F / 4.2 L Engine
  • Carburetted Fuel System
  • 125 / 135 @ 3600rpm Horsepower
  • Transmission 3 / 4 Speed
  • 90 inch Wheelbase
  • 3000 lbs towing capacity

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