Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 Pickup

The Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 Pick Up is a unique and charming vehicle yet it hides all the power you would expect.  The younger sibling to the FJ40 Land Cruiser it shares most of the good looks but has the added extra of a pickup bed.  The working man’s pick up – practical, competent and reliable.

The Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 Pickup is as perfect for a weekend away as it is for driving to work on a Monday morning. 4 words describe this model:  Versatile, Rugged, No Nonsense.  The Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 pickup, built on a lengthened wheelbase and available with either long or short bed.

The Toyota Cruiser FJ45 also has exterior colours as unique as itself including Mint Green, Alpine White, Freeborn Red, Horizon Blue and Sahara Tan.  Nothing about this pick up is without character.  A Classic Timeless design alongside unmatched reliability and durability make this a collectors dream.

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 Pickup Specifications

  • Body Style: 4 Door wagon, Longbed and Shortbed Pickup
  • Seating Capacity: Three to Six
  • Drivetrain: Front Engine, 4×4
  • Engine: 9 Liter OHV Inline 6 cyclinder F Engine
  • Fuel system: Carbureted
  • Horsepower: 125@3600 rpm
  • Torque: 209 ft-lbs @ 2000 rpm
  • Transmission: 3 Speed
  • Towing Capacity: 3500 lbs

The Land Cruiser FJ45 is not only high price competitive but a true innovation in engineering.  It is not only a fantastic drive but a beautiful piece of machinery for any collector or off-road enthusiast.

A Few interesting facts about the Land Cruiser brand as a whole:

  • The Land Cruiser is one of the automotive world’s most storied brands. The Land Cruiser has a reputation for surviving the roughest terrain and jobs.
  • It’s gigantic and old school also likeable and liveable.
  • In recent reviews the Exterior, interior and driving Experiences received an overall 4.5 score.

And reviews read:  “a True icon” , “Trustworthy” , “Highest Standards” and  “Worldwide Legend”

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