Toyota Land Cruiser (FJ70)

The Land Cruiser FJ70 stands out from the pack with its bold front fenders and a big front bumper that ties in just nicely with the grille design and headlamps.  The Comfort of Air-Conditioning comes standard and the audio system incorporates an AM/FM tuner, USB, MP3 and CD player with Bluetooth capabilities while a Engine immobilizer ads to.

The collapsible steering column helps to protect you from injury in an emergency situation and it’s reassuring to know that the Land Cruiser fj70 has extra control features under its belt.  A big V8 engine and Active Traction Control employs the antilock Braking System to reduce wheel spin. You can always rely on Toyota’s safety technology to help you out when you need it the most.  The Model includes the Safety feature of 2 Airbags, in both the front passenger and drivers seats.

A Pillar mounted snorkel helps you tackle a range of challenging conditions and reduces the chance of water entering the engine.   The 70 Series is a family of Toyota Land Cruiser models produced from 1984 until present day.

Common Engines in the 70 series include the 3F (petrol engine), the 22R Petrol Engine the 2H Diesel Engine and most recently the 1VD diesel engine.

  • Production: 1984 – Present
  • Class: Compact SUV
  • Body Style: Troop Carrier, 2-door and 4-door pick-up, 3-door and 4-door SUV
  • Rear / Front Tyres: 50 R16 C

Most 70 Series Land Cruisers (both petrol and diesel models) use inline six-cylinder engines.  The exceptions are the V8 diesel 1VD-FTV engine introduced in some markets in 2007 and the V6 petrol, 1GR-FE introduced in 2009, with the last straight-6 available being the diesel 1HZ for markets with less stringent emission rules such as Africa and Bolivia.

  • Maximum Top Speed: 140km/h
  • Acceleration (0-100 Km/h) : 0s


  • Gross Weight Gvm: 3200 kg
  • Gearshift: Manual
  • Fuel Tank Capacity incl reserve: 180l
  • Load Volume Capacity: 1060l is one of the very few companies in the world that just focuses on the Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4 range. We supply original, refurbished and replacement parts, as well as accessories for the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ70 Series. We currently supply to major sectors in the economy including mining, agriculture, forestry, tourism, and online consumers worldwide.  By having an online presence we are able to expand our services to more destinations and industries that can benefit from our specialized service.  Some frequently asked questions asked to include: Is the Toyota land cruiser a good SUV, Should I invest in a Toyota Land cruiser? A simple one word answer – YES! Successful relationships are built on trust, honesty and dependability and at Land Cruiser spares you can expect nothing less than the best.

We supply Body Panels, Differentials, Engines, Interiors, Suspension and Transmission Parts for the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ70 Model.  Parts available include: Doors, Fender, Mud flaps, Mudguards, Tail Lamps, Tail Light, Windscreen, Hub, Seal Kit, Alternator, Cable Assy, Parking Brake, Handbrake, Drag Link, Transfer Box, Oil Seals, Seat Adjuster and U Bolts and more.  We strive to maintain and repair Land Cruisers for the customer who uses them in the real world.