Toyota Land cruiser FJ75

The 75 Series became the work-horse of the mining industry and thousands are still in service.  Despite its working-class vocation the FJ75 Series is easy to operate as all controls well-positioned and functional.  The FJ75 is a true icon of the off-road scene, all over the world.  The 75 Series was built around a ladder frame chassis with rigid leaf spring suspension.  It was designed to fill the demand for robust heavy duty four wheel drives that could be used continuously in harsh environments under less than ideal conditions.

All the 75 Series scored four-wheel discs, complete with drum-in-rear-disc parking brakes, in place of the previous tail shaft drum brake.  The diff lock actuation method changed to electro-mechanical.  For most 75 Series buyers the diesel is the preferred engine, blending reasonable performance with acceptable economy around 12-13L/100 km.  Many working 75s spend time in 4WD even on hard surfaces.

You will be investing in:

  • Easy Operation
  • Well positioned controls
  • Functional controls
  • Air conditioning
  • A standard Second 90 litre fuel tank
  • Electro-pneumatic differential locks
  • Snorkel

The Land Cruiser FJ75 is not only high price competitive but a true innovation in engineering.  It is not only a fantastic drive but a beautiful piece of machinery for any collector or off-road enthusiast.

A Few interesting facts about the Land Cruiser brand as a whole:

  • The Land Cruiser is one of the automotive world’s most storied brands. The Land Cruiser has a reputation for surviving the roughest terrain and jobs.
  • It’s gigantic and old school also likeable and liveable.
  • In recent reviews the Exterior, interior and driving Experiences received an overall 4.5 score.

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